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@atlassian cited in New…

@atlassian cited in New...

@atlassian cited in New Internationalist article discussing pros/cons of introducing a maximum wage:

#sharearecipe spaghetti with lime and…

#sharearecipe spaghetti with lime and...

#sharearecipe spaghetti with lime and rocket –

#sharearecipe green chilli chicken…

#sharearecipe green chilli chicken...

#sharearecipe green chilli chicken curry –

Confluence zombies rule!

Confluence zombies rule!

Confluence zombies rule!

BART, coupled with CrimeSpot, coupled…

BART, coupled with CrimeSpot, coupled...

BART, coupled with CrimeSpot, coupled with Craigslist, plus plus. will surely help us find a place in SF.

Road Trip to Agile 2011


Randall, Edwin, Mick and I in front of Hells Canyon, Oregon.


Photos of agricultural equipment for Liz’s brother James.


Here I am driving the Dodge Ram 1500. What a beast of a machine!


Edwin, Randall and I in front of the fire on the praire that was started by an elecrical storm.


Target practice.


Mick and I in front of Bear Lake.

For Liz.


Randall and I are idiots. We went swimming with this guy in water that was 33* F (1* C). Stupid.


Randall, Nick, Mick and Brian before our final drive in to Salt Lake and Agile 2011.


Randall hanging off one of the jetskis. 

This was one hell of a trip! It was bloody awesome fun. Bring on Grapevine, Texas for Agile 2012!


The complete photo set is also available.


@atlassian is always looking for awesome folks. The job board at #agile2011 :


#Agile2011 is awesome! The closing keynotes are tomorrow morning, until then it is P A R T Y :
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Amazing East Timor

Damian has posted some awesome pictures from his time volunteering in East Timor. Looks like a brilliant part of the world. 

See more here.

Lassie’s Birthday Dinner


Break bread with friends. I love food, it is magnificent.