Green Sausages

This evening was a learning exercise. One, can I stomach green sausages. Two, how do I know when they are cooked. 

I’ll start by clarifying, the sausages were fresh. They came direct from Hudson Meats in Cammeray and were Spinach, Ricotta, Pine Nut and Chicken. Very nice to boot! Liz picked them up along with some chicken schnitzel which also turned out to be fantastic. 

How to cook? Well I ended up pan frying them – the green sausages and the schnitzel – with some butter. The Right Decision. Given the inability to tell when they were cooked I took the knife to them after around 15 minutes. They were firm inside and lightly browned on the outer. 

What else? Well, Liz and I shared the chicken schnitzel and had a sausage each. Chuck a potato on the boil along with a side salad of peach, prosciutto and rocket.

All in all very well done, and we were very well fed. No desert for Liz tonight. For me it was back to some chocolate chip cookies (home made of course, with sultanas and goji berries soaked in schnapps to give them some oomph).


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  1. Spoonfulzine

    Are hudson meats the guys next to harris farm?

  2. Nicholas Muldoon

    Yes! Have you been there!? They are super cool guys and girls who are passionate about meat. Really great shop, service, and meat.

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