Eat & Drink in San Francisco

In no particular order are some places I enjoy while in SF.

Paulines Pizza

Paulines Pizza on Valencia & 14th has awesome pizza. I found out last night that they make their own ice cream and have a wine bar as well. Very cool.


Magnolia up on Haight & Massonic is good for a wholesome feed and a pint of their own brew.

Rosamunde & Toronado

This German bratwurst place on Haight (near Fillmore) has top grub. Go next door to Toronado for any pint you can imagine from Europe. Pro Tip: if you can not see what you want on the menu, ask for the specials in the fridge out the back.


Beretta is fantastic for a proper sit down restaurant right in the Mission. Drink the absinthe and try not to have a fantastic time at Elbo Room just down the way. Memories…


You absolutely must try the ice cream and chocolate at Bi-Rite. I’ll be heading back there this week, been too long.

I must credit Douglas Butler for the introduction to Beretta and Bi-Rite, as well as the Saturday morning markets at the wharf (get there early for the best grub, before all the tourists come!). Steve Smith plugged Toronado and Rosamundas, as did Pete Moore. Giancarlo Lionetti and Jesse Gibbs are credited for Paulines Pizza. I am walking well worn tracks no doubt, and they are well worn for good reason!

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