Deliver Quality Fast

Recently I gave a lightning talk at Summit 2010, an Atlassian conference. My talk revolved around six steps that we have taken in the GreenHopper team, and used to great effect, to deliver quality software to our customers on a consistent basis. Most importantly this software delivers value to our customers.

You can see the slides and video at Atlassian Summit 2010 – Six tips to improve project quality and speed, Nick Muldoon or watch it below.

To enumerate the six steps, they fall into two categories:

  • Quality
    • Ideas
    • Testing
    • Sandboxes
  • Speed
    • Overhead
    • Deployment
    • Kaizen

What have you found useful as a Product Manager? As a Development Lead? A Developer?

What improves the speed with which you ship, and the quality of the shipping software, whilst still delivering value to your customers?

I am keen to hear your thoughts and explore further. Also, if you have any suggestions as to how I may improve my presentation style or content please let me know.


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