San Francisco for *not* Summit 2010 – Food, Clothing, Sights

I will have a more detailed write up on Summit 2010 soon, but short term I wanted to make a note of some aspects of my recent trip not related to Summit 2010.

I flew out on Sunday, arrived on Sunday, and went straight to lunch at Super Duper Burger with some of the Atlassian crew. It was awesome, I highly recommend a visit.

Super Duper Burger

That evening I caught up with another Atlassian crew, this time at Monks Kettle in the Mission. THIS PLACE WAS EXCELLENT. Loved it. The atmosphere, the food, the beers! Just super. Go.

Monks Kettle

There was also a stint at Ocean Beach on the Tuesday evening. It was damn cold, but a great SF experience to be around the bonfire at the beach, eating smores. What the hell are smores? Crackers, Marshmallows, and Chocolate. Not my idea of tasty to be honest, but the passion surrounding the smores by the locals was hard to resist.


I also wanted to point out Huf cause I got a sweet cap there. It is going to get an airing today at the markets.

That about does it, other than that they were 16 – 18 hour days at Summit 2010, more to follow….


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