Two Months, Tomorrow

Friday 23 March marks the completion of two months in San Francisco. Below is a little taste of what we’ve been up to over the past month.

(as an aside, bloody hell time flies!)

Liz and I flew to New York and met up with Sarah Wright for her birthday. Also met her man Brendan and caught up with Sarah Mitchell from school days. Here we were at the Boom Boom Room which was simply amazing – fantastic view of the city, great great great cocktails.

It was cold in NYC. Really really really cold. Zero degrees.

We got to the Mission Night Markets. Full of hipsters and hipster gear for sale. Lots of fun after a few pints and ramen at Ken Ken Ramen (Wednesday night they do the most amazing Tonkotsu Ramen – yum!).
I was reminded to text my mum as I was reading Good, a magazine about the world and current events. I texted my mum.
We walked from our place across the Golden Gate Bridge. Decent walk, lots of tourists… bah!
Great typography from the 1930’s on the plaque. Love it!
Found some brilliant Pho. Liz tried to recreate at home – it was terrible. Sorry love, let’s go out next time. Please.
These dogs are Irish Wolfhounds. They rock. Evidently they pull the chicks too, I was stuck taking photos for random girls for hours. Then…
We joined the St Pats day parade. Fighting for some cause or another… not sure which, any ideas? I don’t even know where I stand on this issue – never gave it any thought – although it was fun to be a part of it all.
San Francisco. Month Two. Complete.
Bought myself a fixie. So hipster right now. Although always in the same green jacket from North Face… which is also hipster I suppose. Whatever!
Loving it.

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