Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

Got this lovely piece in response to sending an article on Romney over to the old man:

I got the drift of the article loud & clear after the first few pages.

Obviously the intent is to denigrate him as a candidate and the author has succeeded..
I am sure we could dig up a comparable article that does a similar hatchet job on Obama with just as much venom .
This again shows the polarisation and idealogical divide that has rendered US politics to a circus and the laughing stock of the world.
Even the undeveloped and emerging economies had lost faith in the USA story and are turning their attention to other world powers such as China.
America’s age of financial and military domination is on a rapid decline.
Obama or Romney will not fix it.
A crisis in world finance will be needed to shake Americans and their leaders out of their “God given Right to Rule” dreamtime.
China will surpass USA as the economic powerhouse of the world in about 5 years.
The next step for China will be to exert military might in their geographic sphere. They are not expansionist but protective of their space.
America will try and provoke China into a war which the USA will have no chance of winning.
It will be the last throw of the dice for the USA and confirm their decline as the world power.
Them’s my predictions.

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