Power is leaching from the centre.

Choice email from my old man – I love receiving this stuff, had to pass this one on.

Power is leaching from the centre. I agree.

As Moisés Naím writes in The End of Power there are three interrelated dynamics gnawing away at formal power structures – what he calls “the more revolution, the mobility revolution and the mentality revolution”.

1.    There are more literate, educated people worldwide than ever before who refuse to be regimented and controlled as they once were.
2.    They are mobile, migrating and exchanging information to an unparalleled degree.
3.    Moreover, fewer will take anything for granted: they expect their voice to be heard,

It makes running a government, a country, a council, a business, or school board more difficult.

The question is: Recognising this shift in power balance, how does one use it for the betterment of the majority and not the outspoken few?

Good question, if you have any thoughts on that hit him up; @mullystwit

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