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Photos from Vegas





From Singapore with Love, by James Bodero-Smith, circa August 2004

James Bodero-Smith and I were roommates at Nanyang Technological University (terrible website, don’t bother visiting, seriously) in Singapore back in 2004. James emailed me a copy of a letter he sent home all those years ago and I am including it below as it is pure gold.

Drinking games in Singapore were certainly different to the beer pong and flip cup that are enjoyed at the office here in San Francisco.

From Singapore with Love, by James Bodero-Smith, circa August 2004


Montreal is a blast!

R8. Amazing.


Il Fillet. Amazing.

Wonderful city. Not sure what it would be like in winter. Going to have to return and find out!

April, May, June 2012

Busy busy!

  • We’ve been to Washington DC.
  • Bryce Johnson stayed with us during Atlassian Summit.
  • Mum has visited.
  • We’ve been to the PRIDE parade.
  • Bowling with the Atlassians over for Summit.
  • Looked after alpacas and chooks.
  • Drove a Mustang, manual!
  • All sorts of stuff!

Check the photos below.

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Fireworks Show

Not the same as the Sydney NYE fireworks. It is a brilliant backdrop over the bay area.

Through to April 8

Money Tree


Castro Performance Art

Brian and Kylie, our first house guests, at Ferry Building Farmers Market


Two Months, Tomorrow

Friday 23 March marks the completion of two months in San Francisco. Below is a little taste of what we’ve been up to over the past month.

(as an aside, bloody hell time flies!)

Liz and I flew to New York and met up with Sarah Wright for her birthday. Also met her man Brendan and caught up with Sarah Mitchell from school days. Here we were at the Boom Boom Room which was simply amazing – fantastic view of the city, great great great cocktails.

It was cold in NYC. Really really really cold. Zero degrees.

We got to the Mission Night Markets. Full of hipsters and hipster gear for sale. Lots of fun after a few pints and ramen at Ken Ken Ramen (Wednesday night they do the most amazing Tonkotsu Ramen – yum!).
I was reminded to text my mum as I was reading Good, a magazine about the world and current events. I texted my mum.
We walked from our place across the Golden Gate Bridge. Decent walk, lots of tourists… bah!
Great typography from the 1930’s on the plaque. Love it!
Found some brilliant Pho. Liz tried to recreate at home – it was terrible. Sorry love, let’s go out next time. Please.
These dogs are Irish Wolfhounds. They rock. Evidently they pull the chicks too, I was stuck taking photos for random girls for hours. Then…
We joined the St Pats day parade. Fighting for some cause or another… not sure which, any ideas? I don’t even know where I stand on this issue – never gave it any thought – although it was fun to be a part of it all.
San Francisco. Month Two. Complete.
Bought myself a fixie. So hipster right now. Although always in the same green jacket from North Face… which is also hipster I suppose. Whatever!
Loving it.

One Month, Tomorrow

Monday February 20 will mark one month since Liz and I arrived in San Francisco. It has been a pretty epic few weeks.

We had a stalled arrival with the delayed landing of our United flight due to poor weather. Honestly though, the weather there is pretty damn nice during the day. At night it does get bitterly cold, so we need to go buy thermals… or HTFU.

Public transport here is pretty good. If you are on the bus – Muni – then it can totally suck in peak hour as there will be a squillion people trying to get on and no room. I can’t keep track of the number of times I have had to ask folks to “move down please, thank you” on the Muni. They are oblivious to others or just don’t care. Which strikes me as odd, yet there are so many poor dishevelled vagrants that people mostly keep to themselves on public transport.

Liz had us on a frenetic schedule to find a place. She knew I wouldn’t be a happy camper until we were settled, smart woman! Gosh I’m a lucky fella. At any rate, we spent the first two weeks running around viewing places and finally found ‘the one’ only to discover that we didn’t have enough money in the US yet to pay the deposit. It was good in the end as a better place came up – top floor in a three story block in The Mission (think Redfern), big kitchen and close to shops/bars/restaurants/etc this place is ‘the bomb’ (as the locals would say). I’ve even managed to buy a bloody huge stereo to keep the place warm at night (yeah, it is pretty big, sucks a lot of power I’m guessing).

We are still doing our laundry at the place around the corner. I reckon we’ll be getting a washer and dryer soon though. A task for next weekend.

Getting a bank account is important. For things like getting paid, and paying taxes (don’t want to miss out on that opportunity!). So, we opened a Wells Fargo account. Super. Turns out the company still couldn’t pay me until I got my Social Security Number – damn. Finally got the SSN so now I can get paid… by ‘check’, or cheque for you Australians. Weird over here, the banking system is so antiquated and everyone writes cheques for everything – our rent for instance, getting paid, etc. There is, of course, credit cards. We are yet to obtain one as we need proof of credit history and none of the Australian credit history counts (bred from thieves and whatnot in Australia, right?). Whatever, we now have money and we now have stuff. And a horse.

Coupons are a big deal here. Liz has saved a small fortune by cutting and using them at the grocery store. Wonderful, and yet strange at the same time.

We watched the Superbowl. Folks here were indifferent though as their team wasn’t in it. Ended up hanging out with a other Aussies who live just around from the bar – we were going for… ahh I forget now, such is the life of a sports star, only you can remember if you won the Superbowl last year or not.

I got to the BeerFest with a crew from work one Friday night. It was epic. Forget the Sydney beer festival, this is the real deal. A huge hall full of brewers, and most are micro breweries. That means they only do a few hundred thousand litres of beer each year and mostly supply the local scene.

Liz’s prior housemate Nat flew (grammar on that right?) in last Saturday. It was a six hour layover so we headed down towards Embarcadero for dinner. On our way back up to North Beach for desert we got caught up in the Chinese New Year celebrations. Massive win, it was brilliant! No desert though, and bloody cold too – couldn’t they turn up the heat for NYE?!

This was a photo shoot at work. A little naff, yet that’s what you’ve got to do sometimes I guess. Bloody big space at work, we had the whole SF office on those steps for the all hands meeting on Friday. Super, loving it!

Speaking of work, I have done a tonne of it lately as we gear up for some major releases. I have also been fortunate enough to visit some amazing companies in the few weeks I have been here. I feel like I am at the center of the tech universe, it is AWESOME.

Yesterday we had ice cream, made on the spot using liquid nitrogen. Food here is different, it is unique. Every place has its own ‘thing’, their own signature cocktail or dish.

Moving Sale – Help get us to SF super fast!

We’re getting close to moving folks, and we know a few of you are moving soon too. To make this a painless purchase for you Nick will deliver any of the following items one evening or weekend. Buy right now, or email me and make an offer. I strongly encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity and buy multiple items, discounts available for bulk buys.

UPDATE: We’re sold out. Flights to San Francisco on Monday. New contact details to follow.

If you got this far then take a gander at the new Atlassian office in SF, looks swell. Spot my new desk!

Simon and Hester’s Wedding, Hong Kong, October 2011

Oh what a week!

Liz and I have just returned from a week in Hong Kong. We had an amazing time touring around the place. The highlight was the wedding of our friends Simon and Hester this past Sunday. They looked bloody stunning and it was a fantastic wedding ceremony and reception.

As this was the first Chinese wedding I had attended – and as a groomsman no less – I was introduced to a whole new world of activities. You see, the groom and groomsmen need to undertake challenges prior to having the tea ceremony with the brides parents. In our case we danced, bartered for cash payment, ate wasabi, did the limbo and a whole lot more. Thank goodness we managed to impress the bridesmaids and they let Simon greet Hester!

Congrats to the newlyweds!

A few more selected photos are on Flickr.