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US post office reports record $15.4bn loss

From APP:

THE struggling US Postal Service is reporting a record annual loss of $US15.9 billion ($A15.4 billion).

The financial losses for the fiscal year ending September 30 were nearly $US11 billion more than the previous year.

The numbers cap a tumultuous financial year in which the mail agency was forced for the first time to default on more than $US11 billion in payments to avert bankruptcy.

The USPS for months has been urging Congress to pass an overhaul bill to let it trim letter delivery to five days a week and reduce annual payments for future retiree health care.

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe says the large losses cannot be sustained.

The mail agency forecasts billions in additional losses next year as it awaits financial relief from Congress.


Giants play Tigers, watching at Kilowatt

Giants up by 2 at the end of the 2nd.

Etsy Big Iron

A neat post about the hardware Etsy uses to run their site.

A picture of our various types of hardware, with the HP to the left and web/utility boxes on the right

A picture of the various types of hardware, with the HP to the left/middle and web/utility boxes on the right

Greed and Debt: The True Story of Mitt Romney and Bain Capital

Got this lovely piece in response to sending an article on Romney over to the old man:

I got the drift of the article loud & clear after the first few pages.

Obviously the intent is to denigrate him as a candidate and the author has succeeded..
I am sure we could dig up a comparable article that does a similar hatchet job on Obama with just as much venom .
This again shows the polarisation and idealogical divide that has rendered US politics to a circus and the laughing stock of the world.
Even the undeveloped and emerging economies had lost faith in the USA story and are turning their attention to other world powers such as China.
America’s age of financial and military domination is on a rapid decline.
Obama or Romney will not fix it.
A crisis in world finance will be needed to shake Americans and their leaders out of their “God given Right to Rule” dreamtime.
China will surpass USA as the economic powerhouse of the world in about 5 years.
The next step for China will be to exert military might in their geographic sphere. They are not expansionist but protective of their space.
America will try and provoke China into a war which the USA will have no chance of winning.
It will be the last throw of the dice for the USA and confirm their decline as the world power.
Them’s my predictions.

Happy Birthday To You

Get a celebrity to sing you happy birthday. Get Stevie Wonder.

From Sarah Karp, a colleague at work:

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Stevie Wonder is cool
And he’s singing this just for you.

Stevie Wonder Sings Happy Birthday

From Singapore with Love, by James Bodero-Smith, circa August 2004

James Bodero-Smith and I were roommates at Nanyang Technological University (terrible website, don’t bother visiting, seriously) in Singapore back in 2004. James emailed me a copy of a letter he sent home all those years ago and I am including it below as it is pure gold.

Drinking games in Singapore were certainly different to the beer pong and flip cup that are enjoyed at the office here in San Francisco.

From Singapore with Love, by James Bodero-Smith, circa August 2004


Montreal is a blast!

R8. Amazing.


Il Fillet. Amazing.

Wonderful city. Not sure what it would be like in winter. Going to have to return and find out!

April, May, June 2012

Busy busy!

  • We’ve been to Washington DC.
  • Bryce Johnson stayed with us during Atlassian Summit.
  • Mum has visited.
  • We’ve been to the PRIDE parade.
  • Bowling with the Atlassians over for Summit.
  • Looked after alpacas and chooks.
  • Drove a Mustang, manual!
  • All sorts of stuff!

Check the photos below.

Golden Gate Bridge 75th Anniversary Fireworks Show

Not the same as the Sydney NYE fireworks. It is a brilliant backdrop over the bay area.